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Actually,these ADFs are not TOSEC files,they were copied from ancient compilation CD's (I found them at friend's house couple of days ago).The only way to copy them was to create CD image on hard drive with Nero using "ignore read errors" option,and then mount image and copy from there.Hence,all files were copied,but some are certainly corrupted.Also,the files are named 0001.adf...0002.adf...1234.adf etc so I have no idea what apps/games they are.Also,three CDs contain DMS files,i guess they would be easier to check (IIRC,DMS had some sort of CRC?).

I did try copying CDs using Badcopy Pro,but it got stuck at first couple of files for over 30 hours :-(

Anyway,any help is appreciated since these are 10 CD's loaded with old Amiga software,IMHO it would be a real shame to waste them,and I really don't have the time to check files one by one.

I guess I might check them with latest TOSEC dats,then manually sort through unrecognized files?
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