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well if i was gonna say anything about superfrog's superness i would have state that he can play fruitmachines, wich is pretty darn super for a frog... not to mention the limmites flying with the cape action ( i have to admit that trying that yourself will get you hurt).

Now i have been looking arround for ages for one of them yo-yo destructo-spuds and since i cannot find one exactly like SF's imma thinking its like a super gadget.

jumping on clouds gets an extra super hero rating... I still fall over at the smoke machine level...

I think the bees are his like kryponite, because frogs would normally eat bees so theres his weakness...

so is superfrog super?

yes IMHO he is a super hero for frogs everywere and a heroic figure for all little spawn and tadpoles every were....

it could be worse if there was a sequal made on the snes... it would be super-superfrog 2 turbo-nutter edition.
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