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Yup ! I'm a happy man today I don't know why but I find all the good deals these days. The guy who sold this probably didn't know much about what he was selling, he said the item was instable and the cosmetic condition was not very good. So all the japanese chickened out and I got it ! These japanese are really weird. They care too much about the cosmetic appearance and originality of the item instead of the function. This A530 has been modded , the original psu socket was taken out and a standard hd psu connector sticks out of it place, which is then connected to a standard pc psu. The item came with something like a laptop psu which works well as far as I tested. The same guy is trying to sell a GVP A500+8, for 10.000 yen because it's in better cosmetic condition ! (he asked 15.000 first, but nobody bid so he lowered the price). They kind of see these items like museum pieces I guess. The only problem I guess with the a530 was the 4.5 rom inside, and the original maxtor 120 mb drive (which still had the gvp sticker on it) which was slowly dying. I put my hd+8's 4.13 rom and a 4gb scsi drive in there and now it rocks

he's also selling an a500+ with a vxl accelerator. He said he tried the gvp with this computer. I wonder if he stripped the vxl first first plugging the gvp ? 2 accelerators in one a500+ is bound to cause problems.

ok ... now to find some of those special gvp rams for this baby ... (it came with only 4mb)
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