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I understand that Cloanto is legally entitled to do with their property as they please. And that's legal. Piracy is piracy, and it's ilegal. No way around that.

And then again, Cloanto sucks, and that, with or without the law on their side, is also an undisputable truth. Downloading copyrighted soft is ilegal, telling the truth is not.

Once that's clear, people around here could start making long term plans to achieve what other retro-soft user comunities have reached in the past: freely distributable operative systems as Spectrum and Amstrad emulation users, for example, are currently (and legally) downloading without restrictions. That will certainly require great amonts of diplomacy, non-agressive pressure actions, and , of course, a lot of patience and goodwill.

I, personally, can see the day when Cloanto (or whoever has the copyright thing then) will realize that freely distributable Kickstart and WB disk would only help to enlarge the emulation user base, wich will open the door to more innovative and, that's the key, profitable ways to do their bussiness than wasting their time and efforts in closing webs (wich is causing obvious damage but won't stop the stuff beeing available in the net at all)

And current Amiga users could begin to settle the way for this to happen better than waste their time crossing insults and hypocrisy accusations.

Of course, that's just the optimistic in me!
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