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Originally Posted by killergorilla

Why the hell was Superfrog called Superfrog?

What made him super? I suppose in frog terms he's a bit gifted, as he can stand on two legs and hold a pose but reeeaally that isn't exactly super now is it?

We can all throw green balls with eyes at stuff (it's easy if you have the green ball eye thing), but he can't really do much else out of the ordinary can he?

And what kind of Super frog needs to collect a load of coins to open a door? Superman would smash the fecking thing in!

Oh yeah... he gets killed by bees... I mean.. COME ON!?!
You must admit though, they were pretty big bees our little frog was up against. I mean, grab a frog, and grab a bee that is bigger than a frog, and man youve got a bee that could down an elephant!..

I think Super Frog was pretty damn Super!. I would need a double barrel shotgun or a 44 magnum to kill those bees myself!

Or maybe i could just wait for Superfrog to come to the rescue!!
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