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CrossDos help needed

I recently aquired an Amiga 2000, but I am having a few problems...maybe someone here can help with this...

Computer is the following:

Amiga 2000, 4.5 Motherboard
8 megs ram
2 800k floppies
Amigen Genlock
System 2.1

Intalled with:
Broadcast Titler
Scala MM300 (with the dongle)


No mouse - this is a real pain in the neck to try to use this without one...currently doing the keyboard method but its very frustrating as the arrow doesn't move very fast....any way to get it to go a bit faster until I can find a mouse somewhere for it?

No monitor - All I get is black and white out of the video output, and the Genlock has no breakout cable...I found the pinouts, but from what I'm seeing, it is only outputting black and white as well

No terminal software - I can't connect to anything else to get software into the machine because there's no communications program installed that I can find.

CrossDos won't work - I can't get CrossDos to work. Putting in an 700 K PC disk gives you FD1:???? or FD0???? I've checked the devs folder and there is a PC0: in there, I also copied over a folder called DOSDrivers which contains PC1 PC0 AUX and RAD, but this makes no difference. WHen you attempt to mount PC0: you get an error saying that it is an unknown device

My best bet I think would be to get crossdos working, so I can get some other software in there. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

I have no system disks for this computer, all I have is what is in the hard drive right now.
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