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Originally Posted by adolescent
PC games make ~10x less money than console games because of increased piracy. How can you say that the PC hasn't suffered from piracy? Because of piracy, console games, which are traditionally harder to pirate, overtook computer games that were more popular in the 80s and early 90s.
Dude, console is made only for one thing: playing games. With PC you can use linux and freeware / shareware games, that means i you're a politically correct geek you never have to pirate any games, and still can play and work with your PC. Just remember to delete any games that exeed the evaluation period and d/l new games with new periods of evaluation time...

There's no point to buy a console if you can't afford to buy the games.

A hard-core d/l freak once told me he never buys any games because he wants to support the cracker groups... , but I think buying games is better than pirating.
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