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All Sony products I ever had broke incredibly damn fast. The old PSX, damn I had three of those cause of the cd drives going bad all the time (stuttering movies etc.). And re-adjustment of the laser lens stopped helping after a while. Same problem with the ps2 - crappy drives.

Sony CRT TVs went blurry, lost contrast after a year, Sony cd-players skipping like hell after a year, Sony Walkmen used to break super easy. No thanks I am done with Sony. They have cheap prices, but they use ultra cheap crappy parts and they market their stuff as if it was high-end. But it just isn't. It's just cheap crap.

Also, my Sony DVD burner for PC had just miserable error-correction. The slightest hint of a scratch and it wouldn't read the disc. How can they sell this crap and keep their face?

My new DVD player is a Pioneer. And that thing rocks! Picture quality above all, and no skipping even with superbly scratched dvds. TV: I would get Panasonic.... no more Sony for me. My cheap "Symphony" Wal-Mart CRT TV has better picture than those Sony CRTs

And now this corporate lawyer bs.
Don't they have anything better to do?

Nintendo is my only hope. Nintendo nowadays seems to be more nice and seems to care more about consumers where Sony/Microsoft don't give a damn! Anyways, at least Nintendo stuff ain't breaking.

That's just my few cent on the topic, though.

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