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jst file reading problem

from last jst version doc :

From v4.7, due to many factors, I decided to release JST for free, with full
source code. Here are the main reasons:
ยท Some undiscovered bugs still show up (lockup while loading files...)


Q: When I run a game from the CD, or from HD, sometimes JST locks while
loading the files (it's not a game with diskfiles, but with real files)
The computer does not crash, but sometimes the WB freezes too (no refresh)
and the partition where the game is is not available till I reset.@{FG HIGHLIGHT}
A: I'm aware of the problem, and I noticed it since I upgraded to Kick 3.1,
but I don't know if there's a connection. Even JST 1.3 sometimes locks,
so it's not an "improvement" I added recently! I completely rewrote the
directory scanning/file loading system to try to eradicate the problem,
and it still occurs from time to time. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.@{FG TEXT}

has anyone succeded in finding a way to fix it ?

thx in advance
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