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Lightbulb Poseidon V3.4 for AmigaOS UPDATE!!!

Poseidon V3.4 for AmigaOS

- New Ethernet Adapter class for Pegasus chipsets!
- New USB data link class!
- HID class fixes and improvements.
- Mass storage class can now automount CD/DVDs and
NTFS, given the filesystem is available.
- Several bugfixes.

Download the update either via Trident or from my homepage.

Please also note that Poseidon V2.x keyfiles are now finally invalid for
Poseidon V3.4. I think nearly one year of testing should be enough time to
decide for an upgrade or not.

A release V3.4 for MorphOS is currently not planned as it will be part of
the MorphOS V1.5 update anyway.

this new update lets us use USB->LAN adaptors with the pegasus chipset!!! first I thought u needed a pegasos computer fo that, lol
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