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Monochrome and 8 bit

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Sorry if a bit all over the place. Disk copying was close to my heart in those days, as I personally felt that one should be able to backup software that one had spent upwards of £25 on. Whats more, using a backup disk rather than original media was an accepted and encouraged commercial practice, so what is good for industry is good for the home user.

I wrote a few articles and reviewed some of the software/hardware copiers at the time - i recall seeing a couple of "reviews" in mags, and they were little more than re-writes of the press-releases. ISTR one mag head-to-heading two copiers, to copy a non-protected DOS disk. WTF??? earned me a few quid at the time, for doing something I enjoyed.

Even ICPUG published two articles of mine covering SCA, and they were notoriously anti-priacy, and anything that encroached on it, but felt that the subject matter, and article itself, deserved publishing. Obviously didnt get paid for them, but was very satisfying seeing them in print.
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