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I still run the A4000 I bought brand new in 1995.

Back then it was a 24MHz 030 with 6Mb RAM, and a 14.4K Maestro modem to dial up to FidoNet, local BBSs and the Uni's Lynx internet browsing service.

Now it's a 200MHZ PPC/ 50MHz 060 with 80Mb RAM, running OS3.9 with a Thylacine USB, Xsurf card linked to my broadband router, CD/DVD Drive, Picasso IV card and two HDDs (one IDE, one SCSI).

I use it for everything - from playing FRONTIER, DUNE II and F/A-18 Interceptor (amazing that the original disk purchased in 1987 still works!), to web browsing and email to just mucking about.

Instead of the 1942 Monitor I bought with it, I've linked it up to an LCD Monitor. The 1942 is in the museum/ spare parts shed now, along with another 4 A4000s, 1 A4000 MB, 3 A1200s, 3 A500s and an A1000.

I migrated from the C-64 to the A500 in 1987 with an A500/ 1084/ 1Mb RAM expansion.

Then upgraded to an A1200HD/40, then the A4K.

Emulator, schmemulator. The only emulator worth exploring is, so you can play "Theatre Europe" on your laptop mid-flight....
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