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Originally Posted by JonSick
If only I had a digital camera...

Just got through chipping my mate's ps2.

The cd drive ICs are exactly the same as that of the CD32! Exactly, no difference!

Interesting, huh?

OK probably not, but there ya go!
It doesn't surprise me that much as lots of CD-ROM components today are made of standard Philips electronics (I think for laser pickups and control PCBs only two manufacturers exist today).

Originally Posted by rsn8887
Isn't it possible to switch NTSC cd32 to pal cd32. Like you can switch A1200 to NTSC using the cool "two mouse button" boot-menu?
I downloaded the service manual from the german CD32 forum (might provide a link if you can't find it. If I read the schematics correctly, the PCB layout is designed such that PAL and NTSC is supported, but not at the same time (so you have to add the second chrystal with some additional logic to switch between the two carriers, etc.), but I can check that again.

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