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What would make developers and home users buy into a "new amiga"?

Well what made people buy into XBox when it first came out? It was heralded initially as going to be the biggest waste of time and no-way could it compete with the likes of Nintendo and Sega!

Whats the story now? XBox 360 is still selling like hotcakes while Sony's third machine, the PS3, well the world is lying in wait for it, knowing its going to blow their socks off. All for an intergrated games console!

Where's Sega and Nintendo? Well, Nintendo is quacking away with its beak going in the sidelines, mumbling something about a new Nintendo... does the world care? Sega... well... they've messed up so badly with their bollox dreamcast and saturn they had no choice but to go back into the coin-op market.

Every species can smell its own death. Amiga has been decomposing for a long time! But I do think with the right system and marketting, a lot could happen! After all, all we need is something to rival the PS3 and XBox 360! Who really gives a shit whether it has an Amiga logo or not!

IMO, If Discreet want to do something with the brand, all power to em! I'm not going to buy any old cack they put out, but if they put out something that I like, sure why not. If they don't, then fine I won't! That simple!

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