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I have never used a CD with an Amiga, but the usual formats used with CDs are ISO 9660 (8+3 characters) with one or both of the Rock Ridge extensions (32 characters, IIRC) and/or Joliet extensions (255 characters?). Rock Ridge was common, especially on UNIX systems, before Joliet was popularized on Windows by Microsoft. My first guess would be that the CD you created has Joliet long filenames but not Rock Ridge filenames and that AsimCDFS does not understand the Joliet extensions. The old AsimCDFS announcement pages that I found confirm this.

The easiest solution would be to configure the software that creates the CD image to add Rock Ridge extensions (supported by AsimCDFS v3.7 if not the version you are using).

If you want to check a CD to find out which extensions it uses, get "ISO Buster".
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