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Originally Posted by shillard
Nah, you clearly have no propensity to insult people whatsoever.
Well you certainly do, so i'll take that as a compliment.

If you insist on leading with your chin, you shouldn't be surprised when somebody clips you on it.
Yeah ive been in a few scraps, but due to your attitude, its clear that you havent. youve been leading from your chin from the very beginning. I mean seriously, if you said what you said at the start of all this with your initial post towards anyone in person, do you honestly think that what you said is not a comment to provoke violent reaction?

You had clear intent of wishing to cause a reaction and trouble.

As for 'holier than thou' attitudes, what are we to make of your mindless chest-beating about overcoming all manner of adversity at the tender age of 26 (bound to impress those who survived Nazi death camps as teenagers), and your 60 hour work week (whoah!) while studying for a certificate in mung beans and reiki?
You asked me what adversity i had faced, i gave you an answer that i thought was applicable!!.. i didnt just suddenly jump out and say " oh ive faced all this adversity ".. you "asked" the question!??. LOL. And you still havent answered even half of mine!. Please tell me!.. what is it that you do?.. what have you faced?.. ive answered, now you can!. What made you so important to ask that kind of question to begin with? and what was the point of the question anyway?

Yeah im 32 years old, im sorry i wasnt around during WWII to face the holocaust... what a stupid analogy!?!?!?. You have now resorted to comparing me to a holocaust victim?. Mate getting back to 2006 and within the reality of my generational time frame,.. I would LOVE to see you doing what im doing right now.... You think its that easy do you!... Try doing BioChemistry in 6 months whilst doing 3 other subjects part time!!... I dare you!.. go on!.. buy a book on BioChemistry, and find out how much of that book i need to learn whilst doing everything else.. and then work the 10 hours a day, and see how far you get with this semester or even any of them! full time study is easier.. part time is not.

As for what happened 6 years ago.. I wont even go there, your immaturity wouldnt be able to understand it, but im not, nor did i ever seek pity at the time.. Just had to refocus everything.

And im not saying ive faced more adversity than anyone on this planet!. I just answered your question. Simple really isnt it!.

Again you ASKED the question!.

And no its not a certificate course, its an Advanced Diploma, and its a Degree level course ( i already told you this ). And its has nothing to do with mung beans or reiki... although it does cover a high level of nutrition information, and has more do with preventing the problems before they happen with people.

Your an extremely draining person.

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