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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
I think it was content that made the Amiga, sure there was advertising but how much was there compared to what Apple and X86 clones were doing flooding the media?

Commodore had the luck of selling millions of C64's and quite a few people just naturaly chose the Amiga when it was upgrade time (like apple users jumped from the Apple II to the Mac). I think people stick to a brand untill you screw them over or some major changes develope in the field that leave the old brand in the dust.

If you think it was all down to content, you clearly don't understand retail channel dynamics.

If product quality was all it took, the Amiga would have dominated home computing in the 1990s, Beta would have reigned supreme, DAT would have killed off competitors, plasma never would have stood a chance against LCD, and everyone would drive Mercedes or BMW - no Ford, GMV or Mitsubishi would ever have been sold.

C= advertised the hell out of the machine - particularly in the specialist press, and they gained a hell of a lof of favourable editorial.

Mass media advertising was via all media in Australia, the UK, US, NZ, etc. A lot of people think that because THEY don't remember seeing an ad, it never took place. Wrong.

Today that is even more essential to build a brand via IT retail channels. All the content in the world won't get you over the line.

If you think it will, where are the Atari Jaguar, 3DO.....?

He with the best marketing strategy and execution will win - every single time.
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