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Originally Posted by Ultron
It would've. If the common Amiga Inc Evangelists hadn't dropped in. Insulted everyone. Disparaged every infidel. Shaken they scimitars at every logical thought that might deny the plausability of their peculiar religion.
So what im supposed to be to fit into EAB ? a pessimistic, unencouraging, there is no hope and the everything cant happen individual just to appease your mind!?. And insulted everyone!!???.. Listen here mate, go back and check out how these insults started!. I was being civil about this until shilliard had to be a little smartarse. You get what you give in this life.

Yeah im all for logical thought if the person in question is going to discuss it rather than start questioning in the manner of being a prick. It doesnt leave much room for discussion now does it?

If i offer encouragement im an Evangelist ??.. Completely blown out of context, completely exagerated!.

I'm pretty much guessing it was the small passing detail that he was insulted, told to shut up, derided, and verbally harassed by the our local version of an Amiga Pat Robertson. For some reason those posts seemed to escape beneath your view of them. I guess the mods turned their face the other away momentarily as well.
Like i said, go back and read how it started, and finish with this holier than thou attitude, and while your at it, stop bending over.

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