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Originally Posted by DDNI
Just read this thread.
Some interesting points of view, from the Amiga hopeful to the absolute cynic.
For some uncanny reason, you seem to confuse Deluded with Hopeful, and Cynic with Lucid.

Originally Posted by DDNI
It could have been a good thread had the bad feeling that pervades every other post been avoided!
It would've. If the common Amiga Inc Evangelists hadn't dropped in. Insulted everyone. Disparaged every infidel. Shaken they scimitars at every logical thought that might deny the plausability of their peculiar religion.

Originally Posted by DDNI
@Shillard, you make some strong arguments, however your acidic and nasty tone causes the point to be totally lost. Are you really that angry, or are your posts intentionally inflammatory?
I'm pretty much guessing it was the small passing detail that he was insulted, told to shut up, derided, and verbally harassed by the our local version of an Amiga Pat Robertson. For some reason those posts seemed to escape beneath your view of them. I guess the mods turned their face the other away momentarily as well.
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