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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
Why the fuck would anyone of the major, medium, minor, or even niche developers for the current big 4 platforms (MS, Apple, Linux, Sun) bloody bother with a miniscule market of what, 30,000-40,000 worldwide users? Otherwise the fanatics would be the only market. A dead, moribund, platform is junk.
I doubt the Amiga has got 30 to 40 thousand users left. 2 to 3 to 4 thousand is more like it.

But it's telling that this thread immideately ended up in "AmigaWorld.Net" state: A couple of guys who never even owned an Amiga in '89, know nothing about software programming and nothing about hardware architecture, wondering what could be possible if something were possible by something impossible happening to happen.

This is pretty much the last constituency left to the "Amiga", i put it in quotes because it's not really an "Amiga", it's just another low quality PPC clone, dongled, and emulating a dead 68k platform - funny, because its a dead desktop platform (PPC) emulationg another dead home platform (68000) - and they really aren't more than 2 to 3 thousand. If that many, to be fully honest.

I think they're pretty hilarious, in 1994 they were shrieking "Two more weeks", in 1998 they were shrieking "Two more weeks", in 2002 they were shrieking "Two more weeks", and in 2006, 12 years later, here they are, still making a public sad spectacle of their selves in front of the whole wide world.

So, now, if Amiga Inc. cost 25 cents, Microsoft went into the rubber making business, and Apple just gave up on OS making go for ipods only, and Saturn happened to be in perfect alignement with Jupiter, the Moon, and the Earth, while a race of crazy butt monkeys was found on mars, i happened to code anything more than AMOS and "Hello World!" Perl scripts, PPC didn't happen to be a dying desktop platform itself, and everything that was true was a lie; could we have a major Amiga comeback or what guys?!?!?!?

I don't know about you guys, but i'm pumped: This is it! ::insert dancing banana::

Two more weeks!
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