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Originally Posted by shillard
"Let's all get behind him," "I'll put 50 pounds in the post," "This could finally be it," - nah, no evidence of delusion at all.

More chance of getting a toilet seat made out of solid gold.

Still waiting for some very simple answers to some very simple questions - I strongly suspect that none will be forthcoming.

There's only one consolation in being right about bad news - being able to sit back and say "I told you so".

Why do you keep thinking its all about us sending money to support this?. Encouragement is all that is needed, and if some do decided to help financially then so be it. There is absolutely no point, and there is absolutely nothing to be gained from constantly saying everyone is deluded, and that its all wrong. Nothing!!!..

And if it does turn out to be nothing, and nothing does come of it and you say " I told you so ", then it still doesnt matter how you thought it wasnt going to happen. Even if you do turn out to be right, i would still not take back any of the support i gave the man, and i would still never think that the encouragement i gave was wrong.

You act like you have the world all sussed out and that you have all of lifes answers, and that no one is as wise as yourself.. Do you drive around looking at everyone else thinking " god im good ( looks at himsef in the revision mirror and blows a kiss ), look at all these suckers " ?.
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