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There's one game I've been playing on PC for something like 7 years (When I first saw it, I wanted to have a PC just because of it, then I discovered it was also published for Amiga)..the game is 4D Sports Driving (Or Stunts for US people)

I don't know why no one never pushed that concept a little further. Stunts cries for better AI, multiplayer capabilities, less strict tracks (like being able to make tracks taller than "2 floors") , more than 2 cars in the track and an option to make the car a little more resistent.

Even with this oh-so "strict tracks" , I am still able to do some nice bizarre stuff, there's anyone here who plays this gem and would be interested in seeing my tracks?

I think there should be a thread about games that should be remade, maybe a mod could split this thread...
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