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Talking about home-consoles.. humm, I think each console has it's good and bad points and games,while some have much more bad points than good ones (like the ill-fated 3DO, that still had good games (most from EA) )

My favourite one is the Mega-Drive. The one with most fun games in my opinion (Gunstar Heroes, Contra HC, Yuyu Hakusho, Sonic series, Battle Squadron, Thunder Force series, and lots of others)

in second comes the PC-Engine. Being the shmup lover I am, the PC-Engine is just the best machine for this kind of game (Yeah, I know most people prefer the saturn, but I haven't played any of the great saturn shmups), and still you have great platforms and puzzle games too.

About the snes... I think it's good for RPGs (Not exactly my favourite genre), boring beat'em ups and repetitive platform games. With the excpetin of a few games (Most classics from Nintendo or Crono Trigger ), most good games from this machine are conversion from other machines (And usually better in the other machines)
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