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Post Putty Squad details

Twistin' is right, in the early days (and some later ones) the programmer didn't see the protection at all and sent the final game out which had the protection added. Not all games of course but a large percentage of the earlier ones.

When I asked Stuart Campbell (ex Amiga Power) about the game I got the impression it was about 3-4 disks - that was a while ago and I maybe wrong on that point.

Akira: If the original is in the same format as the 8 level demo on one disk they distributed (Non-Dos, Rob Northen loader) then making a standard ADF version shouldn't be a problem.

Maybe one of John's questions about formats is that he has all the information ready to go out in ADF format but was wondering how Amiga users will use it. If it's currently in ADF format and since it's an A1200 game then nothing might need to be done on it anyway! Some guys had a directory listing and a util which dumped the files onto the disk in ADF format, hopefully this is the case with Putty Squad!

If it's a tonne of files all in one directory then that might be a bit trickier. I eagerly wait for a reply from John via Riempie!
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