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Burned, schmurned.

AmigaOne means nothing to me, the last Amiga produced was the A4000T.

What you poor, deluded souls interpret as pain, hurt, etc is simply an awareness of the reality of planet Earth.

ANYONE wanting to perform some kind of Amiga resurrection, even for the pathetically small niche market remaining today, is doomed to failure. It simply isn't a commercially viable enterprise, and you would never get a return on your investment.

Why would anyone with any sense through money at such an endeavor, when they could put their money to far better use elsewhere?

Simple - they wouldn't.

I don't see the Amiga + Amiga community as having been "Screwed" by anyone. The simple fact is the Amiga ceased to be a commercially viable platform for anything but niche software/ spares/ add-ons in the mid 1990s.

You've got about as much chance as getting the Leyland P76 back in production.
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