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Well, I left Perth W.A in 1983 to live in UK so I missed whatever advertising there might have been on antipodean soil.

Here in UK, apart from one stroke of genius (Commodore booked the Huge billboard that stood right outside Segas UK headquarters) there was paractically ZERO advertising. It was all word of mouth.

YOu must've been burned pretty bad by some ex commodore dude to hold such an acidic attitude to any future attempts to help you be able to purchase a new model.

Did you buy an AmigaOne SE perchance ?

If so then I understand your angst.

It was fortunate stroke of fate that made me wait a couple of months and then buy an XE, which, touch wood is still running to this day.

As far as me paypal'ing you some dosh...

I had no problems paying Jahc for Wookiechat long before most of the bugx were ironed out.

Same for beans TuneNET

Or for me personally financing two of the four Big Bash events.

what are you going to do to help the Amiga community that woud warrent money ?
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