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The Koshan Conspiracy from 1992, known as B.A.T. II on the Amiga and Zool 2 PC from 1994

Cant comment on B.A.T. II as I havent played the Amiga version and pc have yet to run it but Zool 2 lacks the CD soundtrack of the CD32, the music is fine nonetheless, what bothers me is that you cannot use sound and music at the sametime, exactly the same as on the Amiga, lol
Amiga version: - PC version:

gimbal: Yeah the game is basically the same, except for the music which I have set to Adlib as its the one that comes closest to the Amiga. Im just disappointed that Gremlin did not include the DataDisk or alternativly make a cool cd soundtrack

keropi: Excellet catch, especially the Turrican 2 boxed looks very niceeee*drools* oops sry hope the box didnt get wet

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