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Originally Posted by Zetr0
Its okay man, i dont need any appologies.. both you and shillard express the duality of my feelings towards yet another possible purchase of amiga,

you my friend, see the possibilites and shillard expresses the pain and hurt of decades of completely getting f*cked over by CBM,GW,AT,AI etc... and how dare yet another company try its hand at it....
Cheers mate. Yeah i completely gave up on any chance of the Amiga returning actually quite long ago due to all these companies screwing the Amiga left right and center too, but in 2006 i dont want to let that be an issue anymore, because if nothing is done the Amiga will still be dead anyway. So it cant hurt if Pyromania attempts this.

Like i said, what is the worst that can come of it. We end up back where we are now which is nowhere!?.

So thanks for your input Zetro, its greatly appreciated.
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