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dont confuse me with some slobbering fanboy i said i can only hope, not saying how much time will tell in truth. but gulibility!? hmm that my friend is a supersition about me on your part.

theres not a need for you to stoop that low my friend, you are way better than that...

Personally i fear that shillard may be holding something.. perhaps he is more hurt than he cares to mention over how the amiga got f*cked over the years..

yeah... its hard to be so jaded, especially in todays market.. if pyro and team dfx dont get it of the ground or run it into the ground( that latter would be hard to do since its already there.) what would it matter? it will still be amiga.. pyro is still pyro and a worthy voice on the forums irrespective.

some people are willingly obstinant of change, thats fine... we need people like that, in fact i am sure that everyone at some point or another is like that for what ever reason. its part of being human and makes us refelct the move to be taken. but theres no need to tear strips off forum members. i think theres a name for it

hmm what was it... post-snipping or something like that.

i would suggest that efforts and energies are better served dealing with issues and problems than hacking on about another forum members beliefs, ideas or feelings.

agree, disagree but not hack... thats m8... this is eab!
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