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Originally Posted by shillard
They've all gotten away with it for over a decade, simply because a sucker really is born every minute.
It still serves nothing nor achieves anything to slander my thoughts nor Pyromania's. You could have raised your opinion towards me intially in the constructive manner that Marco mentioned, but no you went out on the offensive.

I was never a sucker, i choose to see the good in the bad, and in 2006 what is the worst that can happen. When Escom bought the Amiga, did you say dont bother ?.. yeah as time went on, things just got worse and worse i lost complete faith in any or every company that tried to claim they would bring the Amiga back to some extent.

But for me its far too draining in life now to be that down on this situation and other situations. It helps more to support than to destroy someones goal, and im in the buisness now of helping not hindering.

I understand your concerns and the way you feel, believe me ive been through the Amiga merry go round as much as anyone on this forum, you arent exclusive in this.

But please next time, if you going to make an initial comment towards me or others on the this forum, please do it in a way that asks the question in a civil manner instead of jumping on my back and acting all high & mighty.
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