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@ blade002 and shillard:

please calm down; we are discussing, to a little degree of competence only, all of us, a business issue. little degree because only the people really involved in that particular assets and transactions know what they are indeed.
we can, and we have, expressed legit questions, not even doubts, as potential/intended users/consumers of an X product Pyromania (who, let me stress it, as far as i know is a valuable asset to this board as he knows well enough amiga to make a live of it, to some extent) want commercially distribute.
so on one side we can be enthusiast as blade002 who backup his positive mind with his own experience of life no matter what it is, or be skeptical as shillard who wants hard facts. i know, because i saw it, both way of thinking have merits and do forward projects.
that said noone is entitled to name calling or to say someone else experience mean jack.

@ everybody else, this apply the same to everyone of us, let wait for the project to be disclosed before express mean attitude, what you have now from amiga inc is pretty much nothing so it can only stay the same or get better. if you want express your doubts and questions do it constructively.
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