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I dont want to get involved in your rant here shilliard, thats becoming a little personal for my taste so if may I'd like to draw your attention to something that is perhaps might help everyone understand.

Taken from: Amiga Why Do We Do IT

Originally Posted by shillard @

Why persist with the Amiga?

Because it's there.
I know it was for amiga then. but surely with the right kinda stuff available it could be amiga now? I appreciate there are concerns with yet again another take over, but realy at worst one more cant hurt now LOL.

Its hard to WANT to support such a vaporware ideal such as the amiga at the moment, but if sega (whom have been outa the console market since the dire crapout on the dreamcast) can slam together some hardware that plays some of the old games to make money then surely with the RIGHT incentives any company can.


Marketing is an important factor as you have mentioned, but by and large the questions you raised are the basic factors for any company. personally i believe before you get to market one must have a product first. or atleast its ideal. from this you can tailor ones product to the market and its extremes.

personally I can ONLY HOPE that pryomania and the DFX team can make a good go of it I can ask more than that... of course that is untill i buy amiga outright in the next 20 years after I have dominated the world... (heh... its a small dream)
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