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Originally Posted by shillard
So as I suspected, you've got pretty much the same experience as every other individual on the planet, which equals 3/5 of SFA to do with making a go of an IT sales & marketing operation.

About as useful as asking some dude straight out of the highlands of PNG with a bone through his nose how to build an F-22 Raptor.

Your seriously not worth wasting my breath on. Where did i ever say also that i have IT sales & marketing operation experience? You act like its me and not Pyromania that is going to take this on.

Your taking everything i say complelely out of context and twisting it into your own little world. Spending time with you would be like spending time with someone attempting suicide in a 4 x 4 prison cell. A very depressing place to be.

Im merely offering the man my support. And if you have IT sales & marketing experience, then great!.. good on ya.. but just because you have experience in that, does not mean the way you think or what you know to be everything.

So what makes you so different from ever other individual on the planet ? .. what makes you stand out from crowd that grants you the right to insult and act like you have the world completely sussed out and no one knows any better than you?

BTW - You asked me what lofty goals i had set out to achieve in the face of adversity, not what my level of IT sales & operation experience is. I answered your question, but you diverted it. Next time ask the RIGHT questions.
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