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Originally Posted by blade002
Ive faced some tough adversity over the years, and something in particular amongst other things happened to me when i was 26 that turned my world upside down and had to force me to think an entirely different way.

At the moment im working 10 hours a day 6 days a week and studying part time doing 4 subjects each semester in an Advanced Diploma of Holistic Medicine ( its a Degree level course ). I had not been to school for 15 years when i started this, and everyone told me i couldnt do it because i would not be able to do it!.. But i have and i AM !!...

And mate, dont EVER EVER ask me what my level of life experience is in a condecending way ever again!.. Its completely uncalled for and its an extremely weak character trait that you possess.
So as I suspected, you've got pretty much the same experience as every other individual on the planet, which equals 3/5 of SFA to do with making a go of an IT sales & marketing operation.

About as useful as asking some dude straight out of the highlands of PNG with a bone through his nose how to build an F-22 Raptor.
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