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Originally Posted by Outcast
Since when did the Amiga ever get any advertising ?

Build it and they will come.

Well... If it's capital thats the deciding factor, I'll chuck £50 in the pot Bill (another Bill...groan.. Lets hope this Bill isn't a wicked Willy too)
"Built it and they will come", that's bound to have the investors and punters queueing up. Right.....

If you're so keen to piss 50 pounds up the wall, you can paypal some of it my way. I'll at least send you a "thank you" note, more than you'll see in return for your other proposed investment....

When did the Amiga get any advertising?

C= Australia alone spent tens of thousands of dollars (1980s money, make that hundreds of thousands today) each year in co-op advertising alone, let alone real ATL advertising like TVCs, radio, print, etc.

It was advertising that built the mass Amiga market - you don't sell 3 million machines in 6 years by word of mouth alone.
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