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Originally Posted by shillard
Ah, the voice of experience.

I'd be interested in learning what lofty goals you have set and achieved in the face of adversity, to be so sure of your opinion?

Please - share with us all.

When you're done, since you're so keen on the imminent Amiga resurrection, perhaps you would be interested in buying the Sydney Harbour Bridge off me? Or these magic beans I've had laying around for some time....

Seriously dude, get off the grass.

Ive faced some tough adversity over the years, and something in particular amongst other things happened to me when i was 26 that turned my world upside down and had to force me to think an entirely different way. I cant tell you what it was due to it being a very personal, and also due to the fact that the maturity and negativity in your comments towards me indicate that telling you would be like telling someone 20 years my junior.

At the moment im working 10 hours a day 6 days a week and studying part time doing 4 subjects each semester in an Advanced Diploma of Holistic Medicine ( its a Degree level course ). I had not been to school for 15 years when i started this, and everyone told me i couldnt do it because i would not be able to do it!.. But i have and i AM !!...

Look i understand as much as anyone on here that its not going to be easy for Pyromania to do this. I watched the Amiga from 1994 onwards just get shafted and reamed so many times, that i thought arrrrggh.. screw this shit, its never going to happen, its too ..etc.. But then i soon realised that all those shit ways of thinking ends up becoming the way i think for myself and then nothing gets done, and it does nothing but make you a pessimistic old man set in his ways.. So no.. what POINT is there is telling Pyromania that its not going to work, that it cant be done, that there are no solutions..etc.. what does it set out to acheive ??... NOTHING !!...

So i choose to give the guy support instead of wallowing in the pit of personal insults and negativity that you choose to gear towards someone like myself and then ultimately Pyromania.

And mate, dont EVER EVER ask me what my level of life experience is in a condecending way ever again!.. Its completely uncalled for and its an extremely weak character trait that you possess.

And just for the record, did i anywhere in my posts did indicate that i thought that Pyromania was going to completely resurrect the Amiga? No i did not. I just chose to give my support to him and anything that comes of this wether it be big or small, its a big or small step forward.

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