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Originally Posted by Pyromania

The idea is simple, SHIP IT!

A few questions for you:

1. What is your distribution strategy? Who will you ship to, under what trading terms, in what volume? How will you secure shelf space? How will you compete with the likes of HP who offer up to 20% margin and 20% rebate (incl advertising) to retailers and e-tailers? What channels will you utilise? What market share will you target?

2. What is your branding strategy? How will you gain publicity for the product and the brand?

3. What is your customer segmentation plan? Who are your customers, how will you market to them, via what media?

4. What is the product channel roadmap? Care to share? Timelines, models, stagegates?

5. What ROI are you expecting from the acquisition of Amiga Inc? Venture Cap operations typically expect 25% ROI YoY, so they can pay the debt out in four years and sell after 5 at a significant profit.

6. Will you be funding the purchase out of cash reserves, or borrowings?

Pretty basic stuff, if you haven't got solid answers for them, you're either full of shit, or buggered. Neither is a good thing.
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