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Originally Posted by Zetr0


You know it would just be nice to see a cross-platform OS thats all I want, yeah i hear you say linux... I have linux on many a platforms here... all it does is reminds me of what i miss on the amiga....
My feelings too.

I want an OS that does it's job, free of all the 'value-added' bull that has no relevance to most users sitting @ home.

XP can be that, but stripping out all the crap is a pain & won't be possible with Vista.
Linux is endlessly configurable, but will always remain a mystery to me because of the leagcy of its roots.
OSX - Isn't Apple just another A-Inc, but never went bust?

Ranting again...

On-Topic: All the best pyromania.

Would you plans involve getting AOS4 ported to ( horror-of-horrors ) x86?
That would make me VERY happy.
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