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Originally Posted by blade002

but lets help PYRO as much as we can!
that's exactly what i have done, by saying that i would not in 2006 and over buy anithing amiga if it would not something completely modern, outstanding, smart, useful, with very good probability of being long term suppoerted by producers
what do you think, that amiga when it came out wasn't all that things mentioned? it was very good and it had success because it was living in its time or it was even ahead of it. i don't say that a piece of new hardware should tag along the overwhelming run of hardware upgrading and technology but that it should be contemporary to its users.
would you buy now for xmas a 10 years old cell phone with the intent of actually using it? would you spend real money on a old 386 pc? would you prefer a modern little city car or a 15 years old car if they are both used for driving? of course exemples have lame legs, however:
these are legit questions that an user may ask and that Pyromania, notwithstanding my best wishes for his company, have to answer (not to me) if he want to have a sane business proposal.
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