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I think I'm just going to say it again, not to spam, but to expand on what I said in my earlier post... I swear to friggin' god or allah or whatever you believe in, that if DiscreetFX purchases Amiga INC... they'd better damn well make sure that ANY hardware released to be used on the amiga MUST ABSOLUTELY submit their drivers to Discreet FX Amiga Div whereupon the Amiga Div WILL immediately upload the driver to something like

... and offer point incentives to people who write drivers for unsupported devices. Points could be redeemed later for access to pre-release material, beta programs, promotional materials, passes to HQ, invitations to shit, whatever... they could even have agreements with software developers and hardware manufacturers to offer free stuff, or wave various fees, gift certificates... but there HAS to be support for the next OS, and users should be able to select whatever devices they want to use.

there's a lot of things that if the next Amiga owner wants to do, could make it a wonderful system for everyday consumers.

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