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I think this just makes you wonder if Bill McEwan's recent publicity and acquisitions (namely Ruksun Tech) is an attempt at portraying Amiga Inc as more valuable and capable than it really is. If this is the case, I certainly hope that DiscreetFX doesn't fall for it.

On that note I really don't know if DFX can afford to produce anything for the Amiga, and the last thing we need is another bankrupt owner.

I say give it a shot though because there's not that much more damage that can be done... and hell if it does go belly up then maybe, just MAYBE it'll go open source.

I think if the acquisition does go through, and they manage to keep consumer hardware costs low, make the OS relatively clean and personalizable, focus on cross-platform programs and filetypes (ie. .doc),on hardware emulation, and even maybe use solid-state memory to their advantage (because load times of WinXP and other OSes is BRUTAL even on dual-core cpus), then it has a good chance at success. But one thing that bugs the hell out of me about linux that AmigaOS has to avoid in all future releases is lack of driver support.

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