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Originally Posted by rsn8887
I disagree, for the amiga/atari/c64/cpc the competition pro always was and still is the best and most precise joystick. And you hold it down on the table with the hand that pushes the firebutton anyways.

Concerning speed-link, I want to say it again: The competition pro usb from speed link has lag. It's almost unnoticeable at first but try to win r-type with it and you'll notice.

The 9-pin old school version from speed-link will most probably not have this lag, as it directly connects the microswitches to the 9 pin cable, without electronics in between (unless they seriously overcomplicate things and even mess that one up, e.g. by using crappy autofire circuitry or something!!!).

The Speed-link handling however feels fine to me and should honestly be compared to the full microswitched silver/blue competition pro edition from back in the day. That one had microswitched fire buttons, just like the speed-link. Feels the same to me. The black/red sticks from back then had less travel, I agree. But the blue/silver ones were pretty darn similar to speed-link.

However, that c-clamp that holds the stick in place vertically comes off way to easy in the speed-link version. That means you are required to open it up and re-attach the clamp, a LOT.

If you do a search for vintage gaming stores in usa, you will probably be able to find some cheap original used competition pros. I found mine from an online store in washington. However, they are truly old school, in the sense that I got the ones with no microswitches at all but heck they still work great. And if those break, you just bend those little metal contacts a bit, no need to replace any microswitches. And microswitches _do_ go bad eventually. Usually faster than one might thing, especially when man-handling the stick. I broke soo many microswitches....
Oh ok ! i know more who had back in the day Quickshots than what you call "competition pro" ! you can't do precise moves with a competition pro.
i have tested mine on many games and you can't achieve precision playing.
when i do have to jump fast and accurate at a pixel's distance, this is not
the pad to use. Just take a look at recordedamigagames, Ironclaw's site,
how i have killed Jim power straight to the end, i have done it with a Professional quickshot model ! the feeling when you play is 20 times better,
it's slick, smooth, you are the master of the game !

Did you check the XE-1sg i presented ? try to find this one if you can win it
over ebay and come here talk about how it feels. My pants that you'll marry it !
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