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amiga / voxhall nova ?! (f*cking vox-u-haul nova!? dude!!!)



Amiga / Lamborghini Diablo

WHY ?! well please read on..
Lamborghini began developing the Diablo in 1989 as a replacement for the Countach model (which is a classic *think A500*), Diablo thinking A1200, good... okay okay... i like diablos... novas booo.... diablos yay...

besides both had awsome looks and internals... personally the Amigas gave the WORLD our wish list and wants from computers / consoles....

Unfortunately Electronic Arts bought up most of everything and most games are EA to EAsy and suck for that.

Now you could make this anology with ferarri, porche' but for me it will be lambourghini, as the contach was an EPIC followed by the DIABLO wich was a legend before it was released...
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