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ohhhh my god !!!! i have a standard pro competion joystick, man it's
utter piece of shit ! there are many joysticks better than this one !

the quickshot 138-F was used by videogames editors for testing, is very
smooth when playing. But the best are quickshot 185-S, fully programmable,
2 buttons, and as good as a coin op stick.

the best amiga joystick is the XE1-Sega made in japan. The joystick is 2 buttons, has a stick solid and working exactly like coin-op sticks.

the competition pro has nothing to be stable on a table or a desk, and in hands it's painfull to use, just try twinworld or Jimpower, or even turrican,
impossible to do millimetered actions on screen. too imprecise to me as a player.

i have posted a thread of all my joysticks here on eab, have a look !

the link :

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