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even if I said I have renamed LSD 1 TO LSD 20, I haven't renamed all because I have some problems to rename some files on LSD18 and LSD19 because It's iff files for games and the problme is I can't check the original disk on my amiga with 1260+voodoo3.

I search after someone who would like to take some time to check LSD 18 and 19 on A500 or UAE and rename the last files on the LSD18-19 for me. there is maybe 20-30 files in total.

If I found someone, I will put LSD 18 and 19 on the zone! and wait the corrected archive came back on the zone!

don't forget to said to me id LSD Disk1 work on your computer, I must adapt all the other guide like LSD1 guide for removing the call to VRAC:
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