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Cinemaware News (Inc. GBA)

Just got the latest newsletter from Cinemaware, here's the important bits


If you haven't already heard, the big story around here is that we've
got not one, but THREE games coming to the Game Boy Advance! Wings was
looking so good on the GBA that we decided to get Crawfish to bring two
more of our classic games to the Nintendo's wonderful little handheld .
Best yet, all three should be available early next year!

First up is The Three Stooges! The GBA version will be based on the
Amiga classic and will have all the pie throwing, prizefighting, and
medical madness of the original. It's also getting a major facelift in
the graphics and sound departments, including a lot of voice samples
that weren't used in the original game. The early versions we've seen
so far are looking fantastic! You can check out some screenshots at:

Next, we've got the game you've all been clamoring for on the GBA -
Defender of the Crown! It's still pretty early right now, but it's
shaping up to one of the most comprehensive versions of DotC - it's even
going to include the castle defense and mace combat games from the NES
version! Crawfish is completely redoing all the graphics and sound and
there should even be a few surprises for those of you who've played a
bazillion hours of the game, like all of us here at Cinemaware .
Check out some early screens at: (and, yes, it really DOES
look that good on the GBA.)

Last up, of course, is Wings! I know I've already ranted about how
great this game is coming along, but for every version that we get, I
have to shut John's gaping jaw. (Or that could be from the head injury
he sustained while we left him unsupervised on the weekend. Remember -
Producers should always have adult supervision!). Anyway, make sure to
check out the latest batch of screens over at:

In fact, all three of the games look even better than they did on the
Amiga! It's amazing what you can do on that little handheld. We've
already gotten a publisher lined for all three -- Metro3D. I can't give
you exact dates for any of them right now, but they should all be
hitting stores in the first quarter of next year. Of course, I'll be
sure to warn you before they do, so you can all run out and get GBAs if
you haven't already! Keep an eye on the website for new screens for all
these games soon!

Three Stooges GBA will definitely be the first game to hit the
store shelves and we need your help to get the packaging finalized.
We've got two versions of the box art, but we just can't decide! So
we've set up a poll to let you true Cinemaware fans help us make the
call. Be sure to vote on our Three Stooges packaging poll at:


And here's some screenshot's of those digital remastered version's of their old games we heard about some time ago:

Defender of the Crown and The Three Stooges
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