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Originally Posted by mrodfr
the LSD docs disk1 example is the same as original disk1 from LSD. just decrunched and files renamed and a little guide as frontend. with disk 20 and more, just file decrunched with same name and a guide frontend. Sure It's better to use the original disk if you want, no problem....

My new mystery is ASCII conversion.... Maybe my example is tested on PC with emulator and need ASCII file format and guide not working ???? I'm not understand
sorry i used improperly the word ASCII. i meant base language, text, with it, in this case Word format, check here, middle of the thread:

as for the frontend, i'll try it, for the sake of it, but why should one use it instead of the one by the original lsd disks? i mean, you can already chose between: 1) display the content in the original reader, having nostalgic feelings as goal and sacrifying a little of the information useability, for instance copy/paste content to other text editors, good printing etc. also you have to utilize a whole winuae istance for display the content, abd so you cannot do anyting else. 2) use the Word format documents instead, having so full access to the content having the goal of use it. in the same time your winuae can run the emulation that needs the info you have just extrapolated from the documents, let's say a walkthrough for a game you are playing.

outside these two use... ? let's say you are on amiga only, then - maybe - this kind of work is useful...
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