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Originally Posted by pbareges
good project !! i remember having done similar stuff with lsd docs but my aim was only to convert the original file to ASCII format (and getting rid of the encoding).. i was not able to perform this with last disks as the encoding scheme was different than standard powerpacker...
3 suggestions :
- at the time, i found tables giving the game name for each number file, so this way you can automate the file name translation or implement an index tool pointing at the right file.
- i think that the gamebase and/or lemonade projects include some docs extracted from lsd docs- maybe you could first check what kind of work they accomplished to get raw data from them.
- why not making an ASCII conversion of everything so that the source files can be used in any other form/project.

thx in advance!
I have renamed around the 20 first LSD disks by cut'n'paste the title of the file. all the others LSD and SPRINT disks have original name (sometime more precised by hand).

my goal was to decrunch all the files and do a guide index (like on the LSD Disks 1 example on the zone!) for more easily access.

as the job is more or less finished, It's too late to ask to gamebaseor lemonade to take their previously job. I hope they could take my job to improve their project/site.

I don't really undertand ASCII, txt file isn't ASCII ?? BTW, if the problem was the crunched file and disk format, now It's txt file and easily access, It's surely easy to translate to ASCII if a people need that after. there is save in ASCII on amiga text editor ???? ASCII is same as TXT and showable with multiview ???
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