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Originally Posted by spiff
It would really be a PS3, weird hardware, price around $500 and support for the latest TV standard. It even comes with harddrive optional, just like my old A500
Harddrive isn't optional - it's in from the start. "Cheap" version has 20gig (like the X360) and the pro-edition is 60gig. Which means the gamedevelopers can take advantage of having a harddrive, unlike on the Xbox 360, where they have to cover both hd owners and non-hd owners. This will lead to potentially better optimized PS3 games.

Same as with HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray. The Xbox 360 has a HD-DVD optional if you want to play movies - but can't be used for games. Developers can't use the HD-DVD format, 'cause that would not only limit the potential sales, but also enrage the people who doesn't want to buy an expensive add-on to play the games. Also, it would take up even more space than the X360 already does.

The Blu-Ray however, will be used whenever needed, for games as well as movies. So the PS3 can run games larger than 10 gigabyte on one disc.

I have no idea why I wrote this. I only wanted to mention that the PS3 harddrive isn't optional, but essential and will be included in every PS3 you buy.
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