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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
Sorry, I like you and all, but this is a kooky statement. Aim lower..far lower. Be realistic.
Thats what the majority of people do in their lives. They aim low.. too low, and they never achieve what they set out to in life, because they say to themselves " Im being realistic " which basically means, it too hard so why even try.

This kind of attitude get no-one anywhere, and if we all thought that way, the world would never have changed.

Nothing kooky about it at all... The man has a goal, and if he told himself " I'll just be realistic ", then he would never start!. Its what we tell ourselves that makes things fail. All of our internal bullshit.

Yep sure, its going to be a hard job, and maybe he wont make it, but then maybe he will hey.. and wouldnt that just break your pessimistic heart.

I still say ..

Good Luck Pyromania
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